Founded in 1974 by Alfonso Planas Combalía, COLLAK SA is a private company of full Spanish ownership, whose main activity is the manufacture and commercialization of adhesives, sealants, strippers, putties, liquid waterproofing agents, tapes and auxiliary products.
Se encuentra ubicada en Les Franqueses del Vallés a unos 30 km de Barcelona sobre unos terrenos de 14.000 m2. En breve esta prevista la construcción de una nueva planta productiva.
75 people form the different departments (manufacturing, R & D laboratories and quality control, sales network, both nationally and internationally, and administration) and their main goal is to fully satisfy the needs of the company’s customers.


Actualmente el Sr. Alfons Planas Escoda (hijo del fundador) está al frente del equipo directivo, manteniendo con agilidad y espíritu innovador la dirección de la empresa favoreciendo su constante progreso y crecimiento.
The board goals are:
  • Offer the best ideas and solutions.
  • Ensure reliability of products designed to satisfy each and every customer needs, so that their expectations are fully met.
  • Establish personalized communication through your commercial network.
  • Maximize research and development projects for new products.
  • Continuous training of all your employees.
  • Allocate a very important part of resources to R&D.
Gracias a la labor diaria de su equipo humano, Collak S.A. es una empresa dinámica, ágil y con capacidad de reacción y respuesta. Este hecho le permite ser considerada y valorada muy positivamente por sus clientes y proveedores.


Collak, S.A. allocates much of its resources to continuous investment in the latest machinery and automation of manufacturing processes.

This will get:
Increase production capacity and reduce at the same time, the manufacturing costs.
Having a more flexible production processes in order to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any request that the market can do.
Give its products the highest quality assurance aligned with their different technical characteristics, and compliance with regulations.
All manufacturing processes are constantly subjected to laboratory analysis and verifications for the quality control, ensuring that all manufactured products abide scrupulously by its specifications.
The result of our continuous investment in R&D is the production regarding the highest standards, both chemical and technological, ideally suited to the demands of standardized markets as well as to the individual needs of each customer. The constant support and cooperation between the R & D, commercial and manufacturing departments is essential for the understanding of the various requests made by customers and to ensure the manufacture of all the innovations reached in the laboratories.


COLLAK S.A., in its commitment to continuous improvement and to the demands of an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, has opted to implement a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.
Desarrollar y mantener un alto nivel de satisfacción del cliente es fundamental y para ello todos los procesos se han enfocado para mejorar la eficacia y cumplir con los requisitos del cliente.
Respect for the environment is one of the basic objectives of Collak SA Consequently.
Their daily activity is developed by applying the following principles forthe environmental protection:
  • Implementation of a policy of pollution prevention in new projects and processes.
  • Continuous adaptation to the rules and legal requirements in environmental matters.
  • Development of its activities with a commitment to continuous reduction of the environmental impact.
  • Improving the environmental performance of facilities and implementing production processes that respect the environment.
  • Promoting the environmental awareness within all employees through adequate information and training.
  • Promoting our environmental principles among our suppliers and customers.