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Additive that eliminates noise caused by the formation of hydrogen in installations of aluminium radiators. It also protects the radiators against corrosion.


Lubricant that reduces friction and facilitates installation of unipolar and multipolar electric cables. Thanks to its dispenser It optimizes the amount needed for each application.


High quality hemp tow for sealing metallic thread unions. Specially indicated to be used with COLLAK TOT-ROSC. Available in many formats.


Limescale remover for efficiently elimination of chalky impurities and incrusted limescale residues on any hot water circuit, heating installations and machinery. Contains inhibition additives to prevent corrosion. For professional use only.


Stainless Steel cable to cut plastic tubes as PVC, CPVC, ABS, etc. Very useful in case of hard-to-access places. Length 90 cm.


Special designed for maintaining drains and pipes clean by eliminating bad odors and reducing risk of clogging, Biologically eliminates grease and other residue. Performs its job for 8 hours after it is applied.


Liquid specially designed for sealing cracks and leaks on the hot water central heating devices (boilers, radiators). Suitable for most materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, polyethylene, multilayer, etc. Once applied it can remain inside the installation. Not suitable for underfloor heating systems. Yield: 2% of the installation volume. Container with contents gauge.