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On behalf of the entire group COLLAK we are pleased to introduce our latest addition: CORPORATE COLLAK. We created this new solution in order to establish our presence in the B2B segment, creating a line that takes specific care of our big customers. This allows us to be able to work more closely with them, offering the best solutions to their needs in the most competitive way and maintaining the flexibility that has always characterized us. With a robust, reliable and consolidated structure COLLAK is today a synonymous of a well-done job.

With us you have nothing to worry, we know that the service and customer care must remain one of our most important values. With three generations working side by side and over 40 years behind us we know to offer a quality product is something unavoidable and insufficient. That’s why we designed COLLAK CORPORATE, a brand that appraises and ensures the experience that is a holistic solution for customer service. Customer service, punctuality in all our deliveries, logistics planning and flexibility, quality assurance, support regarding the chemical formulation and monitoring the level of R&D , are just some examples of how we can support your business, providing solutions and subtracting concerns. Over 2,000 satisfied customers in over 18 countries and a clear leadership in the adhesives and sealants market are some evidences of our quality products and service. Today we look to the future and we are proud to introduce us today before you. In addition, today we also look to the future, and we are proud to present our latest creation, welcome to COLLAK CORPORATE.
Today, thanks to the COLLAK CORPORATE division, you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Priority and differentiated attention

• Flexibility regarding our minimum production and deliveries

• Production processes continuously monitored by the quality department (at all stages we know the status of the products so any adverse reactions that may occur can be properly and quickly corrected)

• Ability to outsource the entire procedure: from the design to distribution, through the analysis of stability and progression

• Integrated Design Process: from labelling to promotional actions at point of sale

• Qualified and always available customer service and support to your commercialization and market reach strategies.