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Since 1974, the main activity of COLLAK S.A is the manufacture and commercialization of adhesives for PVC, sealants, waterproofing coatings, adhesives for floor coverings and auxiliary products for the construction and industrial applications

The different departments of the company are made up of a team of highly qualified people in order to satisfy the needs of the more than 2,500 clients of the company around the world. The company's goal is to offer the highest quality products with the best possible service.

Nuestros productos

COLLAK S.A has a wide range of chemical products formed by more than 500 references where we highlight the adhesives for PVC pipe, silicones, MS polymers, liquid waterproofing and adhesives for flooring and coatings. Automation in its manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art machinery manage to increase production capacity and reduce manufacturing costs.

The company has the ISO 9001 certification that guarantees that all manufacturing processes and marketing are governed by strict quality systems.


Contact adhesive specially formulated for the bonding of shells.


Professional fluorescent paint for temporary marking of signposting in construction, topography, electrical facilities, water, gas, etc. Applicable over ground, asphalt, wood, concrete, brick, lawn, metal, etc. Multiposicion.


Ultra rapid drying Epoxy putty for repairing pipes (metallic or PVC), deposits, valves, etc. Working time: 3 minutes, total hardening: 60 minutes.


The professional plunger provides a fast and efficient solution to clogging problems in pipes and siphons. Eliminates residues such as: grease, hairs papers, etc. in 3 min. Professional use only. Does not damage plastics, rubber, iron, lead, PVC, etc. Contains 5% of inhibitor.


Bi-component resin for repairing leaks in all kind of smooth surfaces like those of: reactors, deposits, roofs, etc. Presents adhesive properties on PVC, glass fiber, metal, etc. Paintable. Not designed for pressure systems.


Waterproof mastic for threaded bondings in plumbing and sanitation. Anti-corrosive and does not harden, therefore it remains elastic. Indicated to be used with hemp tow.


Stainless steel cable to cut plastic as PVC, CPVC, ABC, etc. Very useful in case of hard-to-acces places. Lenght 90 cm.


Sealing thread for accessories an threaded pipes both metal and plastic. Ideal for threaded joints requiring minor adjustments before use. Suitable for gas and water.


Venda de fibra de vidrio revestida con resina para la reparación de grietas y agujeros en tuberías de 1" y 1,5". Adhiere sobre todo tipo de material utilizado en fontanería, riego y piscinas endureciendo en 30 minutos. Aplicable debajo del agua. Presión máxima 40 bares y 650ºC. No adhiere sobre polietileno ni polipropileno.


Hilo sellador para accesorios y tuberías roscadas tanto metálicas como de plástico. Ideal para montajes roscados que precisen pequeños ajustes antes de su empleo. Apto para gas y agua.