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Mr. Alfonso Planas Escorta founded Collak, S.A. and currently his son Mr. Alfons Planas Escoda is the head of the management team, keeping the agile and innovative spirit of the company, favouringthecontinuous progress and growth of the company thanks tothe efficient processes and quality of their products.

The board goals are:

• Loyally provide the best ideas and solutions for any proposal raised by their customers.

• Ensure reliability of products designed to satisfy each and every customer needs, so that their expectations are fully met.

• Establish through its sales network a direct link with its customers in order to have open, active and personalized communication aiming to ensure the best results.

• Maximize and constantly invest in research projects in order to create and develop new products.

One of the main interests of Collak SA is to have competent and highly qualified employees that are fully aligned with the company objectives.

These interest have always favored:

• The team communication, both externally (for perfect understanding of their customers) and internally (for the best assimilation and understanding of any information necessary for the proper functioning of each of the various departments that make up the company).

• Continuous training of their employees so that they can acquire the latest knowledge directly related to their work and the preparation needed to be at the forefront of the most advanced and innovative technologies.

Thanks to the daily work of its team, Collak SA is a dynamic and agile company and able to react and respond when their customers need it. This allows Collak, S.A. to be appreciated among its customers and suppliers.

The business philosophy of COLLAK SA is based on four fundamental principles:

• Allocate a high percentage of the resources to R & D, both human, technical and economic.

• Improve the internal processes day after day so that all products and services follow the quality system TÜV NORD certified, meeting the requirements according to ISO 9001.

• Constantly prepare and train the entire team, thus the company counts with a highly qualified and excellent team of professionals.

• Optimize customer service with manufacturing high quality products, delivery within minimum time, assessment and high agility in all administrative and commercial requests.