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Solvent mixture that allows to effectively eliminate silicones (even hardened silicones), glues, resins, fillers, stickers, tar, etc. … Will not harm rubber, plastics, metals, paints, etc …


Professional fluorescent paint for temporary marking of signposting in construction, public works, topography, agriculturalist, electrical facilities, water, gas, etc… Applicable over all types of surfaces as ground, asphalt, wood, concrete, brick, lawn, metal, etc… Multiposition.


Spray-able lubricant to attack oxidation, helps unblock any part or mechanism, oxidized, blocked or frozen. Creates a long-lasting protective coat. Can be applied in any position (360º).


Professional paint that protects metal and galvanized surfaces against corrosion and stopping rusting since the beginning. Specially indicated for the protection of welding and metals with danger of corrosion. Self-cleaning special valve.  Maximum resistance 200ºC. Can be repainted after 30 minutes. Colour silver.


Colourless non-slipping varnish to be applied on all surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Confers a slightly textured coating. Especially suitable for baths and shower floors. Long lasting.


Contact glue with high adhesion power to most materials such as wood, textiles, metals, plastics, ceramics, leather, etc… High resistance to temperature and humidity. Fast drying.


Water-based gas leak detector for detecting leaks in valves, threaded connections, pipes, welding joints, compressors, etc … Does not stain and does not cause corrosion.


Colourless silicone lubricant for lubrication and protection of bearings, joints, faucet assemblages, etc … Reduces friction between surfaces, repels water, prevents rust and insulates electrical parts. No drips. Suitable for joining po- lybutylene pipes (PB).


White lithium grease with PTFE for long-term lubrication of chains, bearings, ball bearings, etc … Water resistant and high protection against oxidation. High thermal stability (-35 ° C to + 200 ° C).


High quality black paint heating resistant suitable for painting stoves, barbeques, radiators, tubes and boilers and any ítem which should be resistant to high temperatures. Indoor and outdoor use. Heating resistance: 600ºC.


High quality acrylic white enamel suitable for painting heating radiators and tubes. Also indicated for repairing impacts or scratches. White RAL 9010. Heating resistance: 150ºC.


Cleaner that eliminates and prevents bad odors associated to microorganiasms in the industrial, auto or home air conditioning systems.