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Anti-humidity paint for interiors and exteriors. Applicable on humid surfaces vertically and horizontally. Paintable. Performance: 300-400 gr/m2


Silanes in solution to water-proof concrete or stone surfaces. Prevents penetration of rain water and allows the surfaces to transpire normally. Paintable and invisible. Performance: 2-5 m2/L

E – 179

Dissolving resin for the hardening of walls and inside or outside floors, natural or artificial stone, gypsum, etc. It creates a protective layer that provides a shiny appearance to the treated surface.


Butyl liquid rubber for waterproofing terraces, rain partitions, underground walls, concrete chambers, deposits, metal roofs, asbestos cement roofs, etc.


Auto-adhesive butylic band for fixing, sealing and waterproofing cracks in roofs, gutters, downspouts, windows, etc. Paintable and UV resistant. Thermal resistance: -30°C to +80°C.


Liquid coating based on MS technology for waterproofing as terraces, roofs, planters, tanks, showers, gutters, etc. Applicable on humid surfaces and once dry it resists the stagnant water. Performance 2 Kg/m2.


High quality white plastic paint with anti-mould treatment, which prevents mildew growth on walls and ceilings. Perfect for cold storages, locker rooms, saunas, toilets, showers, etc. We recommend using STOPMOHO primer prior to painting.


Anti-mould primer to permanently remove mildew fungi and bacteria thus preventing its reproduction. Especially indica- ted to apply on walls and ceilings prior to the application or anti-mould PINTURPLAST paint.


TRANSPARENT liquid coating based on MS technology for waterproofing flat and sloping roofs, gutters, roof terraces. Etc. Can be used on mineral, concrete, cement, fiber cement and ceramic surfaces, metals, glass, wood, etc. Can be applied on humid surfaces. Resists standing water. Suitable for walkable floors.


Silanes in water based dispersion to damp-proof porous concrete or Stone floorings.Prevents rainwater penetration and allows treated surfaces to perspire normally. Remains completely invisible and passable.Solvent free.

E-179 MATE

Resin solution for hardening walls and inside or outside floors, natural or artificial stone, gypsum, etc…It creates a protective layer on the treated surface. Matte.


Aqueous treatment to prevent and eliminate the appearance of saltpeter on in or outdoor walls of plaster, brick and cement. Ideal for applying on walls degraded by saltpeter before painting or coating.