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The professional plunger provides a fast and efficient solution to clotting problems in pipes and siphons. Eliminates residues such as: grease, hairs, papers etc. in 3 min. Professional use only. Does not damage plastics, rubber, iron, lead, PVC, etc. Contains 5% of inhibitor. 95% sulfuric acid.


Domestic Plunger that rapidly eliminates all kinds of obstructions in drains and pipes produced by organic waste (paper, hair, food leftovers, etc …). Will not harm plastics, rubber, iron, steel, lead, PVC, etc … It does not contain sulphuric acid.


Professional plunger to quickly solve the problems of clogging pipes and siphons. Eliminates waste such as fat, hair, paper, etc … For professional use only. Does not damage plastics or rubbers. 98% sulfuric acid.